ArchitectureUniting Function and Creativity

Our challenge as design professionals is to interpret each client’s vision through architecture that is functional, efficient, and engaging. J•PA’s collaborative approach has successfully captured the vision of our clients in distinctive facilities that meet their aesthetic, operational, and financial goals. By listening carefully to our clients and their user groups, asking the right questions, and responding with thoughtful, creative design options, we deliver facilities that meet or exceed their expectations.

Our focus is on building community—whether within a collegiate campus, a workplace environment, a civic venue, or a residential setting. New facility or complex renovation, J•PA’s approach remains consistent—client-focused and detail-driven. Our clients know they can count on us to deliver creative, adaptable design solutions that address their immediate needs and ensure lasting value. J•PA’s efforts have been recognized with more than 50 design awards; but, more importantly, by our clients’ expressions of satisfaction and appreciation.

Interior DesignSpaces that Inspire and Engage

Interior design creates spaces that enhance our client’s surroundings and expand opportunities for successful working, learning, and living. J•PA collaborates with our clients and their stakeholders to define space requirements, integrating light, sound, color, and texture to create an atmosphere that suits the purpose of the space and meets the expectations of the people who live, work, learn, or play within.

Master PlanningMapping the Future

Master Planning is a road map for future development that cohesively addresses a broad array of issues. Constructed around a central vision, we work with our clients to assess current conditions, define immediate needs, and anticipate future requirements.

Together, we explore a variety of options using a comprehensive process that considers:

  • Existing and future structures
  • Unique and shared facilities
  • Vehicular, bike, and pedestrian traffic
  • Infrastructure and technology
  • Community-development
  • Sustainable design opportunities
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Site development and green spaces
  • Long-term operations and maintenance costs

ProgrammingListening, Exploring, and Understanding

By prioritizing listening over talking, we develop a clear understanding of client and user needs to ensure a successful project. This holds true for a performing arts center, campus research center, or a sports and recreation center. Each client’s success defines our success.

We utilize a programming process that is interactive and involves key client/stakeholder groups to define site issues, space and functional requirements, sustainability goals, and technical criteria. This collaborative process allows us to explore a variety of design options and results in a facility that meets our client’s immediate needs and produces long-term value.

Environmental GraphicsConnecting People to Places through Visual Storytelling

Environmental graphics infuse meaningful imagery with the built environment to enhance a user’s sense of place.  We work with our clients to create custom visuals that enhance brand, mission, and user experience.  Our design team leads the process from initial concept through production and into installation.

Environmental Graphics services can be integrated in with our full architectural services or can be approached as an individual standalone project.

Sustainable DesignProtecting and Conserving

Sustainable Design is an environmentally sensitive approach that explores ways to conserve and protect our natural resources. Many opportunities exist during the design phase that can result in positive benefits for decades to come for the building owner, its occupants, and the environment.

J•PA considers the entire spectrum of sustainable design opportunities from site topography and building orientation, to sun angles and air circulation, to building systems and construction materials. This approach integrates the built environment and the natural environment to produce a facility that is sensitive to its surroundings and efficient to operate. J•PA’s LEED Accredited Professionals help clients realize their sustainable design goals and pursue LEED or Green Globe certification, if desired.

Historic PreservationPreserving and Revitalizing

For centuries, the history of mankind has been tangibly revealed through enduring architecture. In an age where historic structures are too often undervalued or demolished, J•PA is proud to play a role in restoring, rehabilitating, and preserving this important aspect of our heritage. Our portfolio includes numerous buildings identified on the National Register of Historic Places and/or within designated Historic Districts. This specialized expertise requires that we maintain the original design and architectural details, while adapting the facility to meet the functional demands and code requirements of life in the 21st Century.